If I choose to use your services can I choose my own executive director?

Using our years of experience, we try to partner your organization with the staff person who has the most appropriate skills and personality for you. However, if you would like to interview executive directors, that can be arranged. If ever you feel that your organization and your executive director are a poor fit, you can ask us to assign a new one to you.

How much do your services cost? Can we afford it?

We do have a monthly minimum; however, we try to fit within your budget. All work is based on difficulty and time. Pricing is based purely on services provided.

If I need a special financial report, can I get it faster than a week?

Absolutely! Generating financial reports is quick and easy for us. Often you will have your report in an hour or less, and you always will have it within less than a week.

Do you provide strategic advice and ideas for organization based on best practices of your other clients?

Yes! We provide ideas for special fundraising, event management, member recognition, and numerous other ways to add member value through additional benefits.

Can you provide technology solutions (websites, apps, etc…)

Yes, our team can create websites, apps, videos and photos, social media marketing, etc.

At what point does your organization get involved with event planning?

We like to be involved with event planning from the time that an event is selected. We can help find appropriate venues within desired price points. Contract and negotiate with facilities and the amenities that they provide. And begin promotion working with speakers, and providing all registration and logistics before, during, and after an event.

How long does it take to transition from our current management to be fully functional with your organization?

Full transition can take as little as two weeks or as long as a month depending on how quickly we receive passwords and data from your current management.

Does your organization provide strategic planning support and organization?

Yes, we do, our team can design an agenda, coordinate icebreaking activities, lead your event, and provide post event documentation of action items and timelines for appropriate parties for next strategic steps.

How do you manage so many details for all your clients without dropping the ball??

We utilize numerous tools including project management software, calendaring functions, checklists, and timelines to make sure that all tasks are completed without forgetting anything.

Why should we use an association management company instead of hiring an employee or an independent contractor?

Working with an association management company means that you have access to more people, and more talent than any one person can provide. In addition, because our team is made up of over a dozen people, there are no lapses in service, and scheduling is simple. Not only that but when you factor in employee costs, an association management company is less expensive.

We utilize a special credentialing process for our members to retain their licensing. Can you work with the credentialing board to help us do this.

Yes, we provide ongoing support for continuing medical and legal education events as well as many other types of certifications.

What is the length of your contract? We don’t want to get locked into anything.

We use a 1-year contract with a 90 day, with notice termination clause and a 30-day notice if we don’t perform up to the contract. So you are only committed for 90 days if something comes up.